Strega Restaurant is an Italian Restaurant in Milford, CT

Strega Restaurant is an Italian restaurant located in Milford, CT that is dedicated to the authenticity of a real Italian food experience. Our founder was a police officer for the Ministry of Agriculture in Italy for seven years and knows real, authentic Italian food and products inside and out. Strega Restaurant has been awarded the Eccellenze Italianne for Authentic Italian Restaurant and uses ingredients and products certified by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Strega Restaurant serves the following:

Strega Restaurant takes inspiration from our beautiful culture, catering to our customers and presenting food selections that are sure to satisfy everyone, from the casual diner to the food aficionado. You can make a reservation to guarantee your spot at our table or arrange for delivery or takeout. However you choose to enjoy our food is up to you but it will be delicious any way you eat it.

For a genuine Italian dining experience you won't find anywhere else, please visit us at Strega Restaurant today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Authentic Food
  • Awarded the Eccellenze Italiane
  • Former Officer for Ministry of Agriculture in Italy
Locations Served
  • Milford, CT
  • Surrounding areas